Gladstone Books
Second-hand, Antiquarian, Out-of-print, Rare & As-new
Proprietor: Ben Mepham
of Southwell. Nottinghamshire
Described by the Project and Communications Manager of UNESCO City of Literature Nottingham as a
“small but perfectly-formed bookshop”

Tel: 01636 813601 Email:


Gladstone Books has recently moved from an antiques centre in Newark to the small Nottinghamshire cathedral town of Southwell, where it will be run primarily as an online service. Bona fide browsers will also be able to view the book stock, which is housed in a comfortable room at a private address in the town, providing an appointment has been made well in advance of the prospective visit.

However, current Government restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic mean that physical visits to the book room are currently in abeyance.

The books and their owner

When the business is fully operative again, well over 3000 good quality books will be on sale, with significant selections of history, poetry, essays, biographies, local and natural history, agriculture, philosophy, science, technology, sociology, politics, classical fiction and reference books. Most books are hardback, and include antiquarian, rare and some brand-new books. Prices are quite modest – as I regard this to be more of a service than a business.

As a retired university professor, I have spent a lifetime which has been much involved with books - as author, editor, reviewer, collector and latterly, for about twenty years, book dealer. From 2015 to 2017, Gladstone Books occupied a shop premises in Southwell, where it received several unsolicited recommendations - for examples of which click button A. Changing circumstances have now resulted in a return to Southwell, albeit not now at a shop premises.

The New Gladstone Review

The current issue of this e-journal, which is published approximately quarterly, is freely accessible by clicking button B. Previous issues can be viewed by clicking button C, and an archive of a selection from earlier publications by clicking button D.

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