Second-hand, Antiquarian, Out-of-print, Rare & As-new
Proprietor: Ben Mepham: purveyor of ideas, information and imaginative conceptions.
About 3000 high quality books are on display, with good selections of classical and modern fiction, history, poetry, essays, biographies, local and  natural history, gardening, various arts and crafts, philosophy, theology, sociology, politics and reference books. But I also specialise in certain subjects areas, namely, the history and philosophy of science, medicine, technology and agriculture - for which I am currently compiling on-line catalogues. As they are completed, they will be accessible via the link below.

The owner, a retired university professor, has spent a lifetime 'with his head in books - as author, editor, reviewer, collector and now, for over a dozen years, book dealer.

An annual subscription to the monthly e-journal, The Gladstone Review sent as a PDF email attachment, costs £10 p.a. Email to request a free sample copy and details on how to make payment to subscribe.
OPEN: Mornings and afternoons on Thursdays and Fridays, and mornings on Saturdays.
Also occasionally at other times, and by APPOINTMENT.

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  • A wonderful shop with - an inviting selection of books to browse and enjoy.
  • A gem of a bookshop, full of books to make you think, across a range of topics. I also appreciate the newsletter with its recommendations which are right up my street .
  • Very peaceful and welcoming shop and the books are excellent prices and in very good condition.
  • The owner is charming, well informed and helpful and there are many treasures waiting to be found.
  • This is a literary oasis located in a quiet lane close to the Minster ... a selection of books with something to please almost everyone!

  • 7 page PDF copies available at £1 per copy
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      Gladstone Books
    No.2 Bull Yard
    (off King St & Queen St via Harmans Walk)
    NG25 0EH

    Email (Preferred):

    Tel: 01636 813601

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    Author of 'Bioethics' (Oxford University Press)
    Founder Director of the Food Ethics Council
    Fellow of Royal Society of Biology
    Listed second-hand and antiquarian book dealer