Gladstone Books
Second-hand, Antiquarian, Out-of-print, Rare & As-new
Proprietor: Ben Mepham
purveyor of ideas, information and imaginative conceptions
Formerly described by UNESCO City of Literature Nottingham Project Manager as a
“small but perfectly-formed bookshop”

The Newark Antique Centre
Lombard Street
Newark, Notts
NG24 1XP



Monday-Saturday: 9.30 a.m – 5.00 p.m.
Sunday/Bank Holidays: 11.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Not all the books shown above are currently for sale

I am usually present at the Centre on Fridays, especially in the afternoon

Ben Mepham


The location in Newark

Gladstone Books is located on the ground floor (Unit 38) of The Newark Antique Centre, (large star on map below) which is situated in a former Congregational chapel built in 1822 – nine years before the eponymous William Gladstone first entered parliament as an MP for Newark. (The entrance road – orange on map - is opposite the Lombard Street Bus Station.)

The books and their owner

About 2,500 good quality books are on display, with extensive selections of history, poetry, essays, biographies, local and natural history, gardening, agriculture, various arts, philosophy, theology, science, technology, sociology, politics, classical fiction and reference books. Most books are hardback, and include antiquarian, rare and some brand-new books. The prices are quite modest (e.g. compared with on-line prices) – as I regard this to be more of a service than a business.

As a retired university professor, I have spent a lifetime which has been much involved with books - as author, editor, reviewer, collector and latterly, for nearly 20 years, book dealer. For the two years (2015 to 2017) Gladstone Books was based at Southwell, Notts, where it received several unsolicited recommendations - for examples of which click button A (below).

But changing circumstances have now resulted in the return (via a year in Lincoln) to Newark, where I first started it in another centre on Castlegate, which unfortunately closed a couple of years later. I hope my persistence will indicate the enthusiasm which I continue to bring to this enterprise, almost twenty years after my official retirement!

Telephone: 1636 813601 (with voicemail) - but first contact by email (above) is preferred

The New Gladstone Review

The current issue of this e-journal, which is published quarterly, is accessible by clicking button B. The previous issues can be viewed by clicking button C and an archive of a selection of articles from earlier publications by clicking button D.

Ben Mepham

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Author of 'Bioethics' (Oxford University Press)
Founder Director of the Food Ethics Council
Fellow of Royal Society of Biology
Listed second-hand and antiquarian book dealer

Newark: a town rich in history

Newark is an ancient market town in Nottinghamshire, through which runs the River Trent, which may be said to mark the boundary between the South and North of England. It has long occupied an important position on both the ancient Great North Road (now A1) and the Fosse Way, which follows the course of the Roman road from Exeter to Lincoln.

It has railway stations on both the GNER route from London to Edinburgh and the east-west route from Nottingham to Lincoln and beyond. The town grew around Newark Castle, now ruined, and a large market place, lined with historic buildings and overlooked by the spire of the parish church. Newark was a centre for the wool and cloth trades. In the English Civil War, it was besieged by Parliamentary forces and was relieved by Prince Rupert’s forces, in a battle known as the Relief of Newark. The highly-acclaimed National Civil War Centre (museum) is situated in the town centre.

Europe's Largest Antique Fair

The Newark International Antiques & Collectors Fair is world renowned. Described as ‘the ultimate of treasure hunting grounds,’ it is the largest event of its kind in Europe, and a ‘world-wide phenomenon.’ Held at the Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground on an 84 acre site just north of the town, up to 2,500 stands attract thousands of dealers and buyers from around the world every other month.

Many visitors to the fairs take the opportunity to visit the town’s several large antique centres (there are at least four), of which Newark Antique Centre is the only one hosting a specialised second-hand/antiquarian book business – Gladstone Books.