Gladstone Books
Second-hand, Antiquarian, Out-of-print, Rare & As-new
Proprietor: Ben Mepham
purveyor of ideas, information and imaginative conceptions
Described by the Project and Communications Manager of UNESCO City of Literature Nottingham as a
“small but perfectly-formed bookshop”

The Shambles antique centre
4, Westgate
Lincoln LN1 3AS

OPEN: Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00
and Sunday: 12.00 – 16.00

It is also open on bank holidays and most days in December



The location in Lincoln

Gladstone Books is located on the first floor of The Shambles antiques centre at 4 Westgate, Lincoln (see map below). This is at the top of Steep Hill, next to Greggs the bakers, which is on the corner of Bailgate and Westgate. Conveniently, there is a large car park in Westgate situated nearby, just north of Lincoln Castle. Free on-street parking, for one hour, is often available – but it may be difficult to find a vacant space at busy times.

In a part of the city known as The Cathedral Quarter, this is a particularly attractive area of ancient Lincoln, with the imposing Lincoln Cathedral (the West Front of which is shown above) and Roman Newport Arch close by, and the cobble-stoned Steep Hill leading down to the town centre. Nearby, are many pubs, cafes, restaurants and interesting independent shops.

Gladstone Books occupies a room on the first floor of the building, which was formerly occupied by members of the Christian Science movement. In a curiously appropriate way, the room that was then designated the Reading Room (effectively, ‘the library’) is again stocked with books – but not now bearing any resemblance to the original collection!

The Shambles: doors are pushed back fully when OPEN
I have nick-named the room the Dickensian Shop – which seems to aptly describe its cosy nature and many small-paned ‘front window’- making it a ‘room within a room.’ A chair and desk are available for genuine browsers.

I shall usually only be present in person for a one day per week but, although it cannot be guaranteed, that day might sometimes be arranged for the convenience of regular customers.

The books and their owner

About 2500 good quality books are on display, with extensive selections of history, poetry, essays, biographies, local and natural history, gardening, agriculture, various arts, philosophy, science, technology, sociology, politics, classical fiction and reference books. Most books are hardback, and include antiquarian, rare and some brand-new books. Prices charged are very modest – as I regard this to be more of a service than a business

As a retired university professor, I have spent a lifetime which has been much involved with books - as author, editor, reviewer, collector and latterly, for over 15 years, book dealer. For the two years (2015 to 2017) Gladstone Books was based at Southwell, Notts, where it received several unsolicited recommendations - for examples of which click button A. But changing circumstances have resulted in the return to this Lincoln antique centre, where it was previously located and longer opening times can be maintained.

The New Gladstone Review

The current issue of this e-journal, which is published quarterly, is accessible by clicking button B. The previous issues can be viewed by clicking button C and an archive of a selection of articles from earlier publications by clicking button D.

Ben Mepham

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Author of 'Bioethics' (Oxford University Press)
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